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2020 California Hot Rod Reunion


In the planning stages to make the trip from Connecticut to this years hot rod reunion ! I am going to need a place to leave my trailer for a week as I plan to go to the SEMA show the next week and also see some of the sights in California ! I have never been out west before and I am open to any suggestions ! I have also thought about having my trailer shipped out there ! Has any one ever done this ?

Get ahold of Randy Winkel  via the "Famoso Speed Shop" (facebook)  he has a shop building at the track, could give you some insight

Wow that sounds like a GREAT adventure. I'd make the rounds to the Pomona NHRA Museum, Petersen Hot Rod museum on Wilshire, in LA hit a couple of Cars-and-Coffee cruise-ins, hit the beach, dive into In-n-Out for burgers (ask for some "double pass fries" - yum), go to Irwindale for some local test-n-tune color.

Making passes at the CHRR is just the cherry on top. Lots to do in SoCal.
As a Midwesterner I always had a somewhat jaundiced view of the West coast racers and their accomplishments with their hot rods. But having been there I can now say they are the real deal. Not that anyone out there cares what I think LOL.

Bruce I sent a message to Randy ! Thank's ! Still in the planning stages but I think I can do it ! Looking forward to racing with you west coast guy's ! I think I will run NE1 !

tire wiper:
Sounds like you need a place the store your trailer in L.A while you do some sightseeing there. You might consider visiting the Lions Drag Strip Museum too.


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