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Slowing down Transbrake

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I run classes were your not allowed a delay box.
I already have an older slower brake in the car but its still not slow enough.
Long through buttons help some but not enough and dont fit well in the cockpit.
I was wondering if you have tried or heard of leaving out reverse springs?
I know there is an odd number of springs.
Do you think it would create a problem cocking the reverse piston in the bore?

Paul New:
Taller front tires may help

I thought of that too, but there's not a lot of options for a FED, especially if you want to maintain "the look". Also lower air pressure can make a difference, even a 5 psi reduction, assuming you're not pulling the wheels up out of the beams.

50ft spool of wire from the button to the solenoid

Not sure what springs you have now, but putting weaker springs in will slow it down, I have several customers using stock springs. Also you can orfice the feed hole in the case. Most are drilled at 5/16" you can go as small as 7/32".


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