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Iím needing to build a new open trailer for my racecar and want to incorporate an idea used in the video below by Jason on his trailer. The hitch/tongue tube slides into a couple of receiver tubes that appear to have adjusters welded to the four sides to adjust the horizontal & vertical clearance. If you go to time marker 2:23 on the video it shows what Iím talking about. Any idea of what the adjusters are or where I can get them?

Can't help, but nice video

Jacin's a whiz. PM him he lurks here. BTW, the '47 pickup also has a 392 Hemi.

Since the fit of the main tube within the receiver is rather loose, my assumption is that those are to take up the slack. Engineered to allow the hitch tube free movement sliding in and out. To build a trailer and be able to slide the tube freely, building with close tolarence's cant be done, or very difficult

Hi Roger, I apologize for the delayed response.  I just sent you a PM.  I hope it was helpful.  I hope it was in time to be of some use.



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