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Can you ID our converter?


Dunc the Funk:
We got our converter second hand with the motor & I'm trying to find some info on it. I don't know the manufacturer but it has this stamped on it:
829 B14XLS +1/4 A1014135. It's about 10.5" diameter. Obviously the +1/4 is the extra lug thickness for the motor plate but that's all I can say.
When the car launches, rpm goes to about 5k immediately. I've searched mainly with the B14XLS part but drawn a blank. Any idea on the manufacturer to start with?

The 829 is a Transmission Specialties part number, the xls means it's spragless, the other stuff has to do with stator and fin angle. Call them and they will decode it for you.

Dunc the Funk:
Thank you!


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