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stall rpm change with tq change


 Some random thinking got me ot wondering. Is there a rule of thumb for how much stall will increase with x amount of tq increase.

Reason. Wondering how much stall speed wil increase with tq increase from load of nitro. I know ideal would be half dozen converters for each comb,but being rich is ideal too and not working(YET). After few post about tires and needing to get wheel speed I started thinking(usually not good) a little more tq would get more wheel speed if all other approaches failed. Can run numbers on Spuds TQ calculator. Knowing how much stall I might change will help figure where too much is just extra fun.

For any interested I received a answer on another site. Stall dived by square root of TQ(old combo)= K factor.K factor x square root of new TQ = stall. my combo with 860 tq 6600 stall.  Adding strong load nitro moived tq up 1056 tq which after math moves stall to about 7300 a 700 jump. Yea getting away from my tq curve and may cause me not to get full gains on track that I would think,but I know where part of it is. Now I just need to get testing real world instead of on paper.Just before  being told I thought I would throw it out there.LOL

Chris from the little bit that I have learned from running a small amount of nitro you are better of not changing things like gear ratios and tighter converters ! When I first tried it I was over thinking and put a tight converter in the car and saw very little gain ! I put the looser converter back in and saw a bigger gain ! That is with 20% in the tank It will make more power but not earth shattering !

not going to be trying anything real soon just getting info.Working up my knowledge some."Only the stupid know too much to learn something new" or as Alan Starr told me if you don't learn something new everyday you wasted a good day. Thanks for info.


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