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adding tabs and other mounts


When adding mounting tabs to a CM chassis to the tabs need to be CM or can they be mild steel and do they need to be TIG welded or is MIG ok for this
I need to move the Brake and Gas peddles on my project

If you want to conform to NHRA guidelines I think they should be 4130 Cromo and TIG welded to the chassis if the chassis itself is 4130. Having said that there have been a lot of nostalgia racers built using mild steel and mild steel bracketry using other welding techniques.

The only brackets called out in the spec are rear end mounting brackets.  The spec also says that all "structural" welding in the drivers compartment needs to be tig welded.  Interpret it how you want but it doesn't say that small brackets and tabs for non structural items like dash mounting or chute lever mounting etc have to be moly and tig welded.  There's no doubt in my mind that some will insist that every bracket and tab for even the smallest item needs to be moly but there's also no doubt in my mind that there's plenty of cars out there with mild steel tabs. 

 Most every Dzus tab out there is mild steel


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