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I just purchased a Powerglide transmission from A_! and a Biondo Outlaw shifter. Does anyone have a picture of the cable mount point on the trans and the arm on the side of the trans. The arm I got with the trans is a universal unit and I don't know which hole ton use

I have a Quarter Pro shifter in my altered, it's the same shifter as the standard Outlaw with just a different name. Uses the same cable mount bracket. Distance from the center of the shifter arm in the trans to the center of the cable hole is 1-3/4", as close as I can measure. The arm I used for the trans is the same one Biondo sells for this shifter. Hope this helps.

One suggestion for adjusting the cable:

I like to set up the cable in the Hi>Neutral gate. I put the shifter in High then shift to Neutral. I feel and listen for the internal detent to click the trans into neutral. Then I adjust all the free play out of the cable such that there is no free play at the Reverse side of the Neutral gate. Obviously, I do not want there to be a chance that the trans will accidentally shift into Reverse. This procedure will prevent that. Then shift through all the gears - Low, Hi, Neutral, Reverse, Park - to make sure they are all working as shifted.

Adding some basic info concerning the universal shift lever unit.  The pg trans could be located in front or behind the driver and the pg shifter could be a front or rear cable exit model.
Your situation will determine the position of the universal shift lever, whether to install pointing up or down.  Empirical test is the best.  Install cable in your pg shifter.  Move shift lever from Park to low gear and note how the opposite cable end that will connect to the universal shift lever moves.     

With this information, you will know whether your shifter pulls or pushes the morse cable to engage Park to low gear.  Install universal shift lever pointing either up or down on the pg trans for your situation.  Alan

Finally figured it out. Had to use some parts from the shifter parts bag and some from the transmission and stole one part from my 40 Ford transmission (700R4). All the holes in the universal shift arm on the transmission are not drilled the same diameter. Once I had the correct size part that fits in the holes it came together quickly. Thanks for the help.


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