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I've heard of people using drill batteries but what the ?? I'm looking for info on how my power a Transbrake uses. Current draw (Amps?) I have a battery retailer not far away that has 12V  batteries that are externally the size of a cigarette pack. What do I need ?

 Not sure about amp draw,but think any 12v will work.I know Neil and Parks sale a piece that allows you to run drill battery.

The TB like all solenoids merely changes electric energy to mechanical force.  Differing volts and watts help determine the amp output for your selected battery. Knowing your amp need helps select your battery.

Most TB will need between 8 to 10 amps dependent on the battery volts and watts specifications.  More amps (aka current) flowing through the TB generates more heat, which simultaneously increases ohms (aka resistance) and this resistance lowers the current so your TB is not as powerful.

For example the Dewalt Flexvolt tool battery DCB612 has the following specifications:  20V/60V maximum, 240 watts, 12 amp hour.

At 240 watts / 20 volts = 12 amp hour
At 240 watts / 60 volts = 4 amp hour

In answer to your question, you need your TB volt and amp hour needs.  For example, the TB specification sheet may state:  Maximum current draw:  8 amps at 12.5 volts DC

And although the Dewalt DCB612 tool battery example will work, it would be overkill for your TB needs at 12.5 volts.  Alan


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