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PG shifter small space

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My dragster is small space in the cage what is a good shift unit to use , or is they a way to make one ?

Paul New:
When I ran a powerglide in my car I used a B&M Ratchet Shifter mounted above my transmission.  I used a push/pull rod that actuated the shifter and another to push the reverse lock out.  I was looking through my phone to find a picture but I haven’t run the glide in 5 years so they are must be on an old computer.  I drilled a hole in the shift handle below the threads that the knob screws on to and used a heim joint to a 1/2” shaft and put the knob on the other end.  The knob was positioned on the rear housing below the steering wheel.

Thanks , but I'm looking for RED setup

Paul New:
You can do the same thing mount if between your legs

We use a B&M Pro Stick, doesn't take up much room.  mounted on right hand side, there isn't any spare room.


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