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Alcohol Engine with No Water

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Iím running an alcohol altered, Dart 400 iron block and iron heads.  What Iíve read in various posts is that lots of guys run the cooling system dry, but Iíd like a bit more information on that.  Should I leave the intake manifold water connections open, or plug them?  What about pressure buildup if plugged?  Should freeze plugs be removed? 

Iím not running a filled block, not big horsepower or big temperatures, always tow back.

I run dry--never any water--with correct tune up no issue running and driving back even on quarter mile
Science and smart folks say that water will help make some power--OK maybe a few HP but
you chunk the rods--the diaper gets full of oil and water--that gets on tires you may kill yourself--diaper has to handle just oil--not so bad as both  No real reason to run water

I'm with Dave. 

I also never close the motor.  no freeze plugs.  let air pass thru. 

Have never ran water with alky. Had lots tell me you can't do it.Got to love being told you can't when you are already doing it. Few HP yes. Then you have radiator,water,pump nad extra wiring good amount of extra weight,IMO its a wash there.Plus one less thing to leak and cause problem. I run richening system and just richen it up if need to drop temp.Yea might shorten life of oil,but then how long do want to run oil in racing engine?

As an engine builder I do understand that water in the block is said to promote ring seal by stopping the "bell" type effect--a harmonic deal of sorts--I believe that to a degree--and maybe more even heat Ok I get it but the chance of driving through water at big MPH? I will pass on that no matter what
You can spin a door car out on a pint of water--no way on mine

I am a SAD SOB today as my beautiful car left headed to a great guy Mr Frank Hutto in Denver--he also owns a drag strip in Havanna IL so the car will get to spread it's good Karma and many more folks can see her run--It is the best thing for the car --but for me--what a day......
But I have three aging parents to care for--have had no time to race like I want--and when  I went my dear wife was left at home caring for the folks so nobody to really share the good times with--I mean my racing pals are the best I have ever had in life --but that ride home in the truck all by myself made it all seem selfish a little
The loot will go a long way to some other adventure so.......
Ya'll have been GREAT! And i will be on here everyday anyway like always
and if I open a barn and find another one well.........who knows
Thanks Gang!


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