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what nhra license category would be for 7.0 pro?  would that be cat 3? and how many runs to go from sportsman to cat 3.  reading it, it seams like two full runs faster then 7.49.  i thought it was one full, one half, one 60? 

also, what category would i select of the ones listed in cat 3?


thank you

You would want a 3A for 7.49 and quicker !

Paul New:
Pretty sure to upgrade your license you will need the run 3 runs below a 7.49

JrFuel Hayden:
Yes that's we had to do with our new driver last year 3 runs, but at least one under 7.50 to upgrade from an ET license.
Two runs in Fontana and the thrird in Phoenix.

thanks all, looking to hit track in jan/feb if weather holds out.  if not, i can prob finish up lic on wensday at mm.


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