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rear engine dragster re cert in Ca

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Looking at a dragster that has very old cert from 1992 , I know it will need some updates , but where in socal do you get the recert done and any ideas of the cost ? Do you need the engine in it ?

I just had my FED re cert done last night at my house in Lakeside (near San Diego). $235.Quick and easy but mine just expired a couple months ago. I don't think the engine has to be in it. NHRA Chris Forsyth did the inspection.

I do not know about NHRA Div. 7, but here in Div. 3 you can get your chassis re-certified at the end-of-year Division E.T. finals. Maybe a call to their offices could help you. I have found that to be the cheapest place to have it done.

If I don't run faster that 9.99 do I really need the cert ?


--- Quote from: sandhopper2 on January 06, 2019, 07:47:30 AM ---If I don't run faster that 9.99 do I really need the cert ?

--- End quote ---

No. I slowed my old Logghe car down to run slower than 9.90 and have had no problems running it with no cert. But they still check for a safely built car i.e., current belts, clothing, trans shields, carb covers, external shut off, yadda, yadda...


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