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Catching up
« on: July 26, 2018, 08:04:05 PM »

 Hi Guys,

 It all started when I was displaced from my home office for a couple of weeks...I got out of the habit of checking here every morning first thing. Then I shifted to reading the morning news, tweets, etc. on my phone in the morning instead. I'm not a forum user on my smart phone. Then I took a vacation and forgot everything (that was nice). Came back buried in work and the minute my butt hits the chair in the shop office every morning, it's scramble-scramble.

Sorry I neglected my cave! I'm playing catch up and will get back in the habit. Thanks for taking care of each other here in my absence. I just replied to months old stuff and didn't realize the date on it.....water long since passed under the bridge I'm sure. I'll start from the top down next time!



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