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Got the car to the track for the first time. (xxxx money tree).  Licensing  and shake down passes. First time ever driving for my son Joshen. Did one drive thru to see if it went down ok. First 1/8 mile pass 6.42/112.4.  Next pass was 1/4 mile , his first ever, With an 1/8 time of 6.29/114.8 and a 1/4 mile at 9.73/141.5.   I know this doesn't seem like much to a lot of you guys ,but it was a major deal for a couple of guys in two car garage.     Ride along on our website @www. oggmotorsports.com.

Congrats on making some runs. This is the start, just keep learning from the past runs & and make adjustments as necessary. And if you are planning to run gas, and there's not a thing wrong with that, then a quality and efficient cooling system is wise and necessary investment. While I so far only run the 1/8 mile, my coolant temperatures don't go past 190*. The exception is that our local track allows for 2 runs in the first time trial session so I make a pass, drive it back to the staging lanes, sits for maybe 5 minutes while cooling, then make the second pass and the car just reaches 205*.

Paul New:
Great first outing! How quick isnít as important as you guys having fun! We started with a 10 second dragster in the mid 80ís and slowly the speed addiction caught us!!

hot lapping in bracket racing you need a good cooling system and the more hp equals more heat, keep it mild and have fun

We are going to take it back up Friday, Joshen has to make 2 passes to finish his license, but we are going to make 1/8 mile passes and keep an eye on things, so I think we'll be ok.  Work on bigger cooling system after that. Found that the advance stop bushing had fallen off in distributor, so who knows how much advance we had? Stay tuned.


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