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Another new FC. about ready

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Today my son got his new project FC running. He had it all spotlessly cleaned and prepped when I arrived.  We all chatted a bit then it was time to put the " gas in" and light the fire.  The hi tech on board tach shorted out so a bit of checking things quickly discovered it and it was eliminated from the circuit. Then the motor started right up.

It sounded pretty strong and if the scent of nitro means anything it smelled very good. Only one small leak that was quickly fixed.  The clutch seemed to set very well and Rapid Randy operated the clutch pedal to check its operation. Looks good. All the other systems worked perfect.  Very good oil pressure and header temp was pretty even.

They started it twice more and the big noisy motor ran great.

The weather is starting to close in so a road trip is planed shortly for some test runs.

Overall congrats Bob and Robbie on a job well done.


Outstanding really happy for you!

Mr Froggy:
Very Cool Byron!   Do you have any pictures?

Sorry I didnít get back. I have only one picture from the day of the new startup.
Their road trip for testing fell through due to the weather closing in.  End of summer and fall. Itís been cold and rainy then snow and even colder.  Last week we had 14Ē of snow.  Blizzard. Worst in about ten years.

My son said his new body is just starting being molded.  Itís a Monza from Rossetti.  He is going to make it a tribute car to the guy I drove for back in the 70ís. 

They moved to a new shop that is much bigger so the FC will have its own area. Much easier to work on.  I think he said they already had nitro, oil and new tires.  The new shop has a paint booth so my grandson Who is  a body man will paint and trim it.

I just got a new picture resized so Iíll try and reduce some.


If you have problems with the picture, send it to me (autoshop@rochester.rr.com) and I will resize and add to your post.



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