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Roll cage rules for door slammer 79 camaro.

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Trying to help with a 79 camaro that needs a little tlc. The gal that owns it just wants to test and tune with it but like all things it should be safe.  It's a blown alcohol injected BBC so it should be pretty quick.  But problem is the driver is 5 ft tall and the seat had to be moved roughly 18 inches away from the main hoop.
It has the pretty standard 8 point cage.
What would y'all do to make this thing safe/certifiable for this tiny driver?

Car went 5.60 1/8 mile prior to the driver change and some engine upgrades. 

Pic of the thing for attention.

Paul New:
If your concern is being to far away from the cage just put the seat back where it was and move the pedals and steering wheel to the driver

That is the concern.  Thanks that's kinda what I was thinning too.


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