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Super light car needed.


Hired Gun:
I race a very quick index class with a NA sbc against a pack of blown cars and am qualifying in the middle of the pack but need 2 more tenths to be where I can win.  My car currently weighs 1340 and is all .125 wall mild steel.    We have no minimum weight or wheel base rules.  If I go chromoly, lithium battery, no charging system, gun drilled axles, smaller radiator, lw hoses and a little carbon fiber I should be able to lose 250 pounds.  I believe that will get the 2 to 2.2 tenths we need to be able to win this class.  I would like it to be SFI 2.5C or current for 6.00 ET.  Who is building the very lightest RED's out there.

Lightweight cars cost twice as much to build and last half as long
When you say quick index, what is it??? mild steel cars are limited to 7.50 and slower


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