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Why isn't any body running the older rear engine dragsters. Possibly a circuit or NDRL or just old time drags. Low wings, Wheel Pants, injected, blown, or carburated does't matter. These cars are easy to find for not a lot of money. I'm talking early '70s. No American, Miller, Undercover 4link stuff. Could be updated to certify fairly easy. I know the guys on the west coast are starting it for TF but I'm thinking a little lower buck deal than that. I personally think it would be a blast. Let em fly guys.

Catch 22
   No series until enough cars are put together to fill the show
   No cars put together till there is a series to run them in
 West coast deal is coming together like molases flowing in the winter
 Rules are 10 years old and hard to find online, nobody can agree on them people want to use what they already have and not build new to fit the rules. Last guy I talked to about it says that he wants 300" wheelbase limit  WHAT!!!!!

  Its gonna take some deep pockets car guy that loves these type of cars to Escrow 200G for purse and points fund, Have 4-5 races that he does not care if the field is full or anybody in the stands to get people interested in building them. The rules will be cemented in stone that if only 3 cars out of 10 that show up meet the class specs, the other 7 get sent home or run by themselves for free

The Heritage series isn't even accepting these type of cars. "I could be Wrong" If they would you would see'em getting built. Monkey see, Monkey do. Look at the NFC movement where it was 10-15 years ago. If you can't even race em at nostalgia events who wants to build em. I'm sure there is an interest. Maybe not as big as the FED or the NFC movement. I see these cars in Craigslist and Racing junk all the time. They are there for not a lot of money. Just need updating. The Top Fuel deal on the west coast is a high dollar deal I'm sure especially when nitro is involved. I'm thinking more of a ProComp thing or slower that we had in the early 70's.

Heritage does not have any room for another class that pays out because it will not draw enough spectator interest (as in 1000 more people walking thru the gates) to cover the cost.

  The West coast fuel deal was a Blake Bowser (B'Feild)  Sat. Night Nitro only deal. And those were cut back do to cost and spectator turnout

JrFuel Hayden:
A friend of mine has put a down payment on another friend's Top Alky RED at first to run the IHRA D-1 top fuel class after talking to Mike Dunn, at IHRA. But it looks like the D-1 class has been put on the back burner.  So now he is going to build this lower cost , smaller blower, etc, car to match race with other like cars.
I see the Warren-Colburn-Miller RED TF is for sale , that I belive was the 1'st nostalgia car built for Bakersfield, but not enough cars were built to make a class.
So right now it looks like match racing is it. Blake Bowser's idea was that FED TF would go away like it did in the 70's to be updated/ replaced by RED.
But I don't think the fans will go for that. Match racing will be less expensive of a show for the tracks to buy.
Just my 2 cents.



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