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RED cockpit intwerior

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Looking for interior ideas for the new digger for a proper looking interior material and what some of you have used before and now,with some pictures to see what some have done,mrmopartech

This is the only interior shot I found when looking for ideas for my build, not sure it fits a RED.

I was going to do this, but turn out not to be enough room and did not want to add the weight.

Some classes require the interior material to be nomex

Rusty Kramer:
I would recommend a poured seat set up. Garvin or bald spot. And also memory foam cage padding. ISP type.  Especially if you are building a High HP car that will shake the tires.   I would never drive a car again without them both.  The cage pads will have appropriate cover and the seat kit comes with a sheet of the proper fabric.

The cockpit is done.Went to a fabric company and found some vinyl diamond patterned material and did the cockpit and seat and some panels to get rid of the alley look.Looks decent,and is now alot more comfort to sit in now.Now on to the body and paint and other items,mrmopartech


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