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Welcome to Jon's Wheel House
« on: October 29, 2016, 07:17:52 AM »
Welcome dragster racers, my name is Jon Hansen, owner of Hayden Wheels,, and 800-624-3803
I will be checking this site daily so ask away any front wheel questions, We have been in business 10 years after being in the motorcycle business for 35 years, of course selling wheels and tires. My first FED was a C/D in 1962, then 5 years of real nitro JrFuel, then a BBC BB/GD, which we won the 69 US Nationals, then we built a dual engine BBC Top Gas dragster for 3 years, the last dragster I drove was a Top Fuel RED that we won Div 3 Top Fuel Championship. I currently race a NHRA Heritage JrFuel with 3 Championships, 5 March Meet wins, and 2 CHRR wins.
Hayden builds and rebuilds wire wheels for dragsters and cackle cars also we sell Goodyear front and rear slicks.
So ask any questions
Thank You, Jon
Jon C. Hansen

Hayden Wheels