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145" Slingshot build in the UK

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Well I've taken the plunge. I have commissioned a small shop to build me a slingshot chassis. The car will be a blown methanol SBC driving through a shorty glide to a final drive 9" ford.  The reason for the fairly short WB is that it will be stored in my garage and unfortunately UK garages are not very big. I'll keep this updated as things progress.  I hope folks like my build and any advice you can inpart would be greatfully recieved.


Great!!! Enjoy the build--you will have that thing or some detail about it on your mind for the next two years easy--every night as you fall to sleep you will be planning dragster stuff--it is a good life! That first pass is as good as your first girl friend--and if it makes a full pass first time out well...maybe better! Good luck!!

Chry 8 3/4 rear is a little smaller and less expensive, holds up fine to around 800hp

Do you know Sam Freeman?  He is over in UK as well, and is building a FED himself in his garage there. A super nice fellow as well!

Chris Dafoe

Hi Chris, Name doesn't ring a bell.There are a few being built here.



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