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F.E.D. with PG trans,spragless converter.5200 rpm stall. Reaction times move around based on trans temp.Is this normal? 180* seems tobe best temp. Trans is covered so it is hard to cool.Any insight would be helpful. P.S. redline  "f' fluid

Couple of questions. Do you run  trans cooler and if so what size and does it have a fan?

Have trans cooler 12"x14" with fan. I also have heat sink type cooler in frame rail [not much air flow]. With deeper pan I added over 2qts more fluid.Still heat builds. By 4th round 200* or higher,60s stay the same,but reaction times very[to late,to early]  :'(

I'm wondering if the by-pass in the pump is stuck open. If it's open it let most of the fluid by-pass the cooler. Something else to look at would be the front sealing ring on the input shaft, this can also cause heat build up if it's missing or damaged. We double enter our cars on occasion and rarely see temps get to 180.   


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