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JW ultra bell/case (fyi)


I have both of these.  When the case needed recert 2 years ago, I contacted JW and they suggested I take it (clean and bare) to the nhra national event at Bandimere occurring the next month.  JW said they have this service available at all the nhra national events.  Worked fine, took my case, dropped it off (the race trailer was Strange Engineering) and picked up on my way home.  Cost was $50 for a new 5 year cert.  Timing just happened to work out in my case.

p.s.  welcome Dan : )

Good to know. I have JW bell on my glide and if they are at all NHRA events that sounds like good reason to hit the fourwide nationals next year. Ride will be cheaper than UPS and I get to go actually watch a race w/o feeling guilty about spending money that could go towards car.

JW is about 3=4 miles from our shop :D
They just rebuilt the trans for the FED.


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